Morrow Creek fans, here’s a bonus for you!

My brand-new short story, Wanton in the West, is now available! (It’s a bit sexier than usual, so if you’re not interested in a more sensual historical romance, you might want to skip this one!) Here’s a sneak peek:

Everyone in the small town of Morrow Creek knows that Adeline has been sweet on Clayton Davis for years—and that he still hasn’t proposed! While Adeline reluctantly waits for her man, Clayton is falsely accused of being a thief and the sheriff is hot on his trail. Now Adeline has to do everything in her power to stop him leaving town, even if she has to be positively indecent to make Clayton stay by her side—and in her bed….

Wanton in the West is an e-book-only release from Harlequin Historical Undone!, but you don’t need a dedicated e-book reader to read it! If you have a computer, you can order your copy online today!

Till later,
Lisa :)

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